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Too Hectic



Welcome to the News page! This page will be updated to inform you of any changes, musical progress and shows!

11/20 - Battle of the Bands was a fun show, though we did not win, we still had fun and made friends with a lot of the bands that were there. Kosher Dyl is our official frontman, he came in Friday, got the lyrics, and was ready saturday night. Special thanks to Guy Sparks who supplied us with Amps, drumset and PA. Also we'd like to thanks Erica and Mark for giving us a hand before and during the show. Also, thanks to everyone who came out to see us, and bought CDs! We're going to schedule some more shows for December, so stay tuned to find out!
11/16 - We have the "3 Hectic Hits" album loaded on here for download, for those of you who aren't close enough to buy it. We might be bringing in Kosher Dyl on vocals for this weekends show, and the recordings and shit later, as our Vocalist. This friday we should be working on some more shit. Hopefully we'll have a bigger album out by April, maybe June. Stay Tuned!
11/14- Our three song mini  album is recorded and ready to be sent out. We just got it back today, and it sounds pretty good. It's called "3 Hectic Hits". At shows it will sell for $1.50. Please buy!
11/10 - The YMCA showed ended up getting cancelled, oh well. We should have a little "3 Hits From Hell" thing coming along by next week. We're hitting the studio friday. November 19th, 2005 we will be attending, and playing, at Souderton Area High School. Fun stuff, it shoudl be like 5 bucks, well be selling our shit for like 1.50. thats all! Stay tuned!
10/20 - Site started, We have a show scheduled for Saturday, November 5th. Here's the info:
Indian Valley YMCA
6:00PM to 9:30PM
$5.00 Admission unless you were formally invited, then you will have an invitation card.

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